Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Samsung 4K TV in the market for South East Asian Nation

Samsung Electronics Bangladesh brings the 4th generation of four new models of technology to the country's market. Because of the improved picture quality, they are saying 'Real Four TV'. Samsung and Transcom Electronics officials will unveil the real UHD TV at a press conference in the capital on Monday.

At the press conference, the TV viewing experience will improve the TV for the new year. The TV four is the NHD 7470 series. Of these, the price of the 43-inch NU 7470 model is 72 thousand 900 taka. 50-inch price of 1 lakh 14 thousand 900 55 inches 1 lakh 34 thousand 900 rupees and 65 inches of the same model television will cost 2 lakh 9 thousand 900 taka. Buyers will have a cashback facility up to 50 thousand taka through scratchcards.

- Four Technology is the highest pixel resolution. The number of pixels resolved in the modern flower HD film is four times higher than that of Fourscore. Four technology is also referred to as UHD (Ultra HD) technology.

Khandker Ashik Iqbal, Head of Marketing Communications, Samsung Bangladesh, said at the press conference, "We want to take the lead in the market of TV in the four years in Bangladesh. Now the price of the TV in the country is more. We have brought these models to market at low prices to capture this market. "

Managing Director of Transcom Electronics, Arshad Haque, said, "We have assembled our TVs in Bangladesh. These parts have come from Korea or Vietnam. These are Made in Samsung. Improved quality Due to the addition of Bangladesh, we can sell them at a lower price.

It is said in the press conference that the real global HD HD TV has gained huge popularity in the future, and such products will be further expanded in future purchasing power. Cinema-makers and streaming service providers worldwide are now making their content sure of the UHD standard. The special feature of each of the TVs in the Real Four of the UHD 7470 series includes the clear transparency of the four-color combination of vivid colors.

Smart TV function has been arranged for excellent content management. With one remote control, other devices and content connected to the TV can be controlled easily. Along with the smartphones app, it is possible to share the contents of the smartphone with the smartphone. Clean or clean cable solutions enhance the design of the TV.
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