About Us

SPEAKBD is a multi-based innovative and informative website. This website was launched to innovatively provide all kinds of important specifications, along with a complete review of official and unofficial specifications related smartphones and other technologies as well. It provides official and unofficial pricing, release dates, reviews, news, options, overall specs, RAM, internal storage, size, performance, comparison, and ratings of the phone’s features as displayed to viewers. Our team has always worked tirelessly to provide accurate information to our visitors.

Reason to work

Most consumers always expect a product to be profitable on their budget, but they don’t always get the right information or product. We are a team trying to figure out these issues and have designed this website based on the attitudes or expectations of our buyers. The website’s simple interface manages everything in detail, easy for you to understand. We monitor the brand’s official website and some popular websites to provide accurate information. Each product is discussed in detail so that buyers can find exactly what they need.


Our predominant intention is to assist clients to locate the proper product via way of means of imparting the proper information easily anywhere through the internet. We have come to this point due to the limitless grace of the Almighty Creator and your love.
Our group has attempted to give the information to you via verification and choice from the internet and some great sources.


When it comes to inspiration, the first thing that comes to mind is you. Your love, interest, being with us inspires us to do better.
After looking at your interest and love in information from various social sites and some reputable websites, it seems that even if you get the right information, it is very difficult and confusing for you. So we have just tried to bring all the necessary information for you in one place. But at the end of the day, your satisfaction is our most desirable.


We have offered the information of every product via conversation with net and show-room however we will now no longer say that our statistics are 100% correct.

However, we’ve got attempted to give the information of the manufactured from your preference accurately. Since naturally, human beings make errors. We request you to allow us to recognize in case you stumble upon any errors on our website. You can also contact us on our Contact Us┬ápage if you have any feedback or questions.