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Windows Phone (WP) is a defunct Microsoft smartphone operating system that served as a replacement for Windows Mobile and Zune. The Metro design language was used to create a new user experience for Windows Phone. It was largely geared for the consumer market rather than the corporate sector, unlike Windows Mobile.


It was initially released in October 2010 as part of the Windows Phone 7 operating system. In 2012, Windows Phone 8 superseded it, replacing Windows Phone 7’s Windows CE-based kernel with the Windows NT kernel used by PC versions of Windows (and, in particular, a large number of internal components from Windows 8).


The OS was incompatible with all current Windows Phone 7 handsets as a result of these changes, while it still supported apps created for Windows Phone 7. Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade in 2014, which included the Cortana virtual assistant and support for the Windows Runtime framework, which allows developers to create cross-platform programs for Windows PCs and Windows Phones.

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