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Motorola is an American company that has been manufacturing cell phones and now watches.

Motorola was the first company to release smartphones in the US. Their first phone ever released was called the RAZR which had a thin body with a wide screen that curved on the side like a flip phone. The RAZR2, which was released soon after, was much thinner than its predecessor and had an aluminum back cover. The next smartphone Motorola produced was substantially different than its previous models because it used Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system instead of Google’s Android OS. Motorola continued to use Windows Mobile until 2011 when they merged with Google, which led them to switch over to Android OS because of their partnership with Google.

Motorola is a global leader in mobile phones and wearables. The company’s mission is to help people stay connected and improve their lives, like never before. Combining savvy engineering with the latest in mobile technology, Motorola phones are designed to be all about you.

We collected in total 414 Motorola Models and there are a few models also available. Check out below or you can check easily from the below list where we arrange all with their name and links.

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