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Runner Automobiles’ is a popular, well-known, and well-respected local brand in Bangladesh. It is sold on the domestic market, as well as the manufacture and sale of motorcycles, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. This Runner brand bike is currently being distributed internationally. Some other motorcycle brands in Bangladesh claim their product is indigenous; nevertheless, given the country’s motorcycle manufacturing and the value of that product, runner’s position is superior to the rest.

This company’s regular bikes persist in the tropics despite stiff competition from Japanese and Indian brand bikes. This brand’s models are world-class, including the Runner Turbo and Runner Knight Rider. Runner, on the other hand, has launched the cheapest bike in Bangladesh, known as the Runner Bike RT. However, Runner did not develop as predicted in Bangladesh. The major reason for this is that many people mistakenly compare the runner bike to Chinese manufacturers with lower quality bikes. As a dependable and local bike maker, the road ahead is difficult. Runner also sells heavy duty, medium duty, and small duty vehicles, but motorcycles are their major product.

Runner Automobiles bikes in Bangladesh are reasonably priced and comparable to bikes from other companies. In rare circumstances, the Runner’s Bid Instalment service is also available. This is extremely beneficial to the general people, especially regular job holders. Runner Automobiles also markets their bikes in practically every district of Bangladesh through their own sales reps.

Runner just inked an agreement with United Motors (UM) in the United States, adding many world-class motorcycles to their fleet. These bicycles are made in Bangladesh. As a consequence, the prices of world-class grade motorcycles here are not relatively high. Runner has been attempting to increase the value and price tolerance of their bikes in the setting of Bangladesh.

We collected in total 21 Runner Models and there are a few models also available. Check out below or you can check easily from the below list where we arrange all with their name and links.

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