The latest technology camera 2019 -22 and for the next year!

With the innovation of new technology products, everyone is becoming a videographer and cinematographer. Again, the opportunity for professionals to create video and video records is even easier and fresh.


There are some very small cameras used to capture various types of action scenes, known as action cams. Not only is it small in size, but it can also be used for video in any type of weather and underwater. Although smaller in size, these cameras capable of recording high-quality video.

Grape can be called precursor in the formation and quality of this type of camera. Shortly after marketing these cameras, many Hollywood movies were widely used. Gradually, the popularity of the general public all over the world has also been there. Improving the quality of the camera, making it suitable for all weather conditions, image stabilization, new features are available in every new version.

These cameras are also unique, not just videos, but also for taking still pictures. The reason for the popularity of these cameras is that it is small but high-quality video capture, but the price is very small compared to the professional cameras.

There are also several other brands of action cameras, including Xiaomi Abe Yi brand cameras are quite popular.


It is possible to take professional quality video through DSLR or Action cameras. Even sometimes the video is recorded through mobile but it does not have the ability to distinguish it from other high-quality videos. Glimmers have made these tasks even easier, the Gimbal is not just used with small cameras but they were first made to use with professional quality cameras.

Glimmers are an instrument where different types of cameras can be attached and it is automatically steady when holding the video. Not only that, the techniques of professional video can be easily used. Zombies are different for an action cam, mobile, and DSLR. The cameras attached to the camera are also available. DJI and Zhuyin Gimbal are ahead of the other Gimbal of the market, in terms of quality and popularity.

Recently, the DGI Asomo Pocket, a new camel, has been released without scintillation, which is the smallest of the current zombies. This pocket-sized snapshot is just like any other motion picture and it is possible to have high-quality video available through an attached and connected camera.


Drone Photography has taken this high level of video and still image quality. Not only is it high in the quality of the film, but instead of taking photos through drone means looking at birds in the sky above the sky. The general definition of drones is, go to the sky without human beings. Although initially used in military service, it is now under common use. Low-quality high-quality Cameron drones have gained popularity in a very short time. Everyone likes to see from a different perspective than one of the common sights.

DJI is the most popular for professional and general users. Various prices and special features-containing several models of drones can be found in this brand.

In spite of the availability and value of the property, there are special rules for drowning in the country. There is a possibility of interrupting the law enforcement agencies by buying drones in the hobby and starting using video. 45 days before the drone flying permission should be obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority. After applying in the prescribed form, the Civil Aviation Authority authorized the defense ministry to allow them to be verified. On page 5, where the drone will be available, details of the size of the drone, who will be able to load, security, etc. are to be mentioned. But civil aviation authorities are taking steps to bring drone registration and its drivers under licensing, in that case, the permit system may be relaxed before moving.

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